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16 June 1983
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My name is Mortimer A. London and I am a Horror Drunx creator.

You know my story about how The Horror Drunx started. When The Horror Drunx began, it was about me and some friends getting together and having a few drinks, taking some pictures at the sites where some horror movies were filmed (while having a few more drinks), and of course loving horror movies and watching lots of them while we drank even more....

And who even needs to get boozed up to know that rip-offs and remakes suck?!!!!!!!

Now with over 60 chapters world wide and 65,000 members or whatever it is, it is a chore to keep up with it all sometimes, and I've had to teach myself to wrangle it all. But I do it because I love it, I love horror movies, and I enjoy spreading the word. Other people have likened me to the Johnny Appleseed of the horror community, whatever that means.