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Mort by Art Skull



October 21st, 2009

What?!  You say that PUMPKINHEAD (from the 1988 film) and PINHEAD (from the 1987 film HELLRAISER) are teaming up in the same movie?!!

We reveal the never-before-seen super advance poster art for this fantasy film exclusively at www.TheHorrorDrunx.com !



September 5th, 2009





Harlan Ellison
Rob Zombie's Halloween 2
HBO's True Blood series
A History of Zombies In Cinema
Elvira Gets Drunxed
Loosing Hollywood History
George Romero's Diary Of The Dead
Killer Klowns From
Outer Space revisited
Cannibal Flesh RIot
New HD Editor-In-Chief Named

PLUS: A Sexy pictorial with September's
Drunkette-Of-The Month

August 28th, 2009




What actor quit mid-filming?


What other actor refused to replace them?


How much did the budget get slashed at the last minute?


Who said "I won't be back to make Halloween 3"?


Who said "I wish every movie I made was based on and existing franchise"?


Get all the dirt the other Horror websites and magazines were to scared to print on the new HALLOWEEN II in our exclusive story, when you get a sneak peek at the article from our upcoming September online issue!


April 8th, 2009

A Discussion W/ Mortimer A. London of 'The Horror Drunx'
MAD - ..www.upsidebackwards.info..

-MAD: Mortimer, thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions regarding your intoxicatingly blood curdling establishment: THE HORROR DRUNX! How did the 'Horror Drunx' initially get started, and who are the key founders?

-MORT: The earliest origins of The Horror Drunx truthfully got started out of complete teenage boredom and angst. It was just me and a couple of friends to begin with... Watching countless horror movies like there was no tomorrow and imbibing in perhaps a bit too much alcohol, then wandering the streets looking for trouble. I guess it helped that those streets were in the suburbs of South Pasadena, which also happened to be the filming locations for Haddonfield in the original HALLOWEEN. So we found ourselves at Michael Myers house one night and I happened to have a camera in my jacket pocket and we took some pictures of ourselves while we were all liquored up on the front steps. When I got home and looked at the pictures, I said "Hey, we're a bunch of HORROR DRUNX!" and the name stuck.

From there I started a page on Live Journal. Kind of a social page to find other people that were interested in the same things I was. I mean, there were a few Horror "groups" on the internet, but all they seemed to do was try to impress each other in the most snobby ways imaginable... "Oh, I have this in my collection.... Oh, I know this and you don't... You are stupid because you haven't seen this film yet,,, blah blah blah" that kind of arrogant nerd / fanboy attitude that comes from the socially inept. (And then they wonder why there are so few females in their ranks, but that is another story).

The Horror Drunx are just the opposite. Instead of just loving the sounds of our own voices like those morons, we love the horror movies FIRST and finding out as much as we can about them and enjoying each others company as we watch them. A complete social thing, not a fanboy circle jerk only on the internet, but actually getting together and doing things. From there our group numbers skyrocketed. It was accessible to everyone, excluded no one, and was all about fun.

When we moved it over to a MySpace page people started contacting me wanting to start a chapter in their own town. Just to get together and meet people in their area and have some horror fun. In one night, I think 15 chapters popped up. ONE NIGHT!

It didn't take long to realize we all liked and disliked the same things about the Horror genre. Remakes suck. Unoriginality sucks. People who make a quickie shitty movie to rip off the fans suck. Arrogant fanboys suck. Fun is good. It just snowballed from there.


-MAD: As stated on your website and numerous Myspace fan pages, the 'Horror Drunx' now has over sixty chapters worldwide with an estimated membership of 60,000. How does one become a member of the ILL-ustrious 'Horror Drunx', or inquire about starting their own chapter?

-MORT: Just join a chapter near you. You can find 'em on THE HORROR DRUNX HEADQUARTERS page on Myspace. From there, sign up on the website at ..www.TheHorrorDrunx.com.. and be social, maybe come to a few events. Yer in! If you want to start a chapter... Well I used to hand them out like crazy, but many of those chapters didn't last because they were run by a bunch of instant gratification losers with A.D.D. that would get distracted and forget their duties as chapter leaders... Which I do take very seriously. Now people have to contact me, fill out an application, and WORK for their chapters by proving to me they are up for the job and can accomplish some tasks. It isn't a place for the trendy type that wants to jump to something else next week. We need dedication. We stand for certain things morally and ethically.


-MAD: Must one be a drunk to join, or do you accept potheads, LSD takers, and individuals under other forms of medication? You don't discriminate do you - a love and appreciation of horror films is all you need?

-MORT: No. Unless they seriously need it for medical reasons, people who can only function with controlled substances in their system truthfully bore the fuck out of me. I don't have time for their dramas and their acting out for attention and being fuck ups. While we don't frown on actually having a real drink once in awhile if you are so inclined, we don't advocate drug use. Those things have screwed up every viable movement since the 1960's. If people can't learn from the mistakes people made in the past then... Eh, don't get me started. Our main source of intoxication is derived from watching a good horror movie.... It causes it's own chemical reaction. Remember when you were a kid watching your first horror movies and were all "Yeeeeahhhh! Frankenstein and The Wolf Man! Monsters are COOOOOL!!!" ? Well doya? Huh? That was the best feeling ever. You didn't need help getting there either. It was natural. THAT is the ultimate bender for us.

But no, we don't really refuse anyone. Except maybe Rob Zombie and Michael Bay and Elvira and those types. Fucking pumpkin kickers. They have become dead from the neck up long ago. Those fools see a good horror movie and the only excitement they get from it is trying to figure out how to rip it off or remake it so that they can make some money.


-MAD: You guys also put out a regular online magazine dedicated to your personal perspective and take on the horror genre. How might a person go about submitting new articles and what might readers expect in future editions?

-MORT: The Horror Drunx online magazine, which is free on our website by the way, comes out about every other month... Though if it is a busy time and there is a lot happening, we sometimes do it monthly. Yes we do take submissions as long as they are a good fit. No, I don't know from one issue to the next what we will be writing about or reviewing... It is a labor of love and much of that relies on inspiration and which Pumpkin Kicker is being the biggest idiot that month. Unlike other horror websites and magazines, we won't just print a press release from whatever schmuck movie company is trying to make money off the public that month. That seems to be the way of the other magazines out there, but we are more original than that. We can pretty much say and write about anything that we damn well please because we don't rely on advertisers to pay our bills like other magazines. We are self-funded, so you will get the REAL story about what is happening in the Horror film industry from us, no punches pulled. Many of our regular writers are in the movie industry as well and write under pseudonyms, so you will get the dirty inside stories you won't get from other places that are afraid to print them and don't have the access we do. So again I will say, YES WE DO ACCEPT SUBMISSIONS.


-MAD: The 'HD' recently launched its own community forum! What kind of discussion, and membership, would you like to see in coming months?

-MORT: Lots of happy, peaceful, informative ones that result in many offline friends and wanton sexual hookups.


-MAD: As part of the 'HD' mission statement; you announce that you're against all forms of horror remakes and sequels. Surely, there has to be some exception to this rule, as without the sequels Jason Vorhees would never have claimed a single victim. Can you think of any special cases, or certain films you'd actually like to see remade or given a necessary sequel?

-MORT: Who really gives a fuck about Jason Vorhees anyway? FRIDAY THE 13TH, even the original one, was just a rip off of HALLOWEEN. They used the same formula, just changed the holiday. So maybe that is a bad example and we'd best just move past it.

As far as sequels go, even Boris Karloff admitted that coming back to play Frankenstein's monster for the third time in SON OF FRANKENSTEIN was a really bad idea. He HATED it. That is the rule of thumb that we usually measure it by too... Three films in a series (the original and two sequels) is quite enough thank you... But more often than not it is already TOO FUCKING MANY! No series of horror films in the last half a century ever gave us anything groundbreaking after part three. After part three it is either A) the same old story being retold B)Just a way for movie studios to milk us for more money C) gets REALLY stupid, or D) All of the above.

As far as remakes go, NO, there are no Horror films that EVER need to be remade. In the last 30 years the studios have only remade horror films because some unoriginal hack wants to make money using a title audiences might be familiar with. Anyone who tells you differently and says they are doing it to honor the original is full of shit and only saying it so you will put your money in their pocket. Don't fall for the lies. PERIOD.


-MAD: The organization also claims that it's against "snobbery" in the horror community. That being said, would you openly welcome new members if their favorite horror film was PG13 and they went and saw 'Twilight' on opening night? Please define your definition of "snobbery" in regards to the horror community…

-MORT: We all saw our first horror film once... Whether it was GORGO, GORILLA AT LARGE, GREMLINS, DR. GIGGLES or the original silent version of THE GOLEM. The Horror Drunx aren't going to hate on you just because of what decade you were born in or what your childhood favorite film is. Most people in the Horror fan community are just the opposite, they look down their nose at you for it.

A lot of fanboy snobbery also comes from people playing the "Knowlege is Power" game. ..."What? You DIDN'T know that? You didn't SEE that?"... They make people feel like idiots. The Horror Drunx is against that too. We are here to educate people and share what we know.
So what if someone saw TWILIGHT on opening night? At least they had better taste than to spend money on a remake or a rip-off sequel, right? More power to them if that is their cup of poison.


-MAD: I dunno, ‘Twilight’ was just a little too trendy for my tastes and honestly I’m getting a little tired of all this “sexy/cool vampire” craze. My girlfriend loves that shit but I can’t stand it. I want a popular vampire movie where the main vampire/hero is 400lbs and hideously ugly, truly a “misunderstood monster”, instead of a handsome unisex guy with perfect abs and forever 22 years old. Anyway, recently, back in February along with Sid Terror, you hosted a Midnight Screening of the original 'Night of the Living Dead' in LA. How did this event go over, are you planning more special screenings, and what do you think of the current offerings from Romero such as 'Diary of the Dead'?

-MORT: Actually, Sid Terror hosted it, not me, even though I attended. He is a great knowledgeable host and has a great sense of humor too. Having been the singer for his band SID TERROR'S UNDEAD (one of the early bands that originated and defined Horror Punk) puts him at ease with a microphone and talking to an audience in a way I could never be. He was built for it. I was built for other things. That is why he will be the one we've chosen to be our Horror Host on an upcoming traveling HORROR DRUNX MIDNIGHT HORROR MOVIE ROADSHOW. But more on that when I can give you details!!!

The event went over pretty well and was well attended. For a rainy stormy night, we packed as many people into that theater as The New Beverly Cinema does for most of their regular shows on a night with good weather. The only problem we had was a couple idiots that attended who thought attending a Horror Drunx event meant non-stop yelling stuff at the screen was alright. They don't seem to realize that it isn't an episode of MST3000 for the sloppily drunk and unfunny. Anyway, that problem was dealt with when the offending goons were banned from any future Horror Drunx events. Some people seem to forget that HORROR comes first in the name "Horror Drunx". Number one, we are there to enjoy a movie, not obliterate our livers and annoy those around us in the theater.

It was a good rare chance to see an uncut, uncensored and unmolested print of the original NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD in a theater on the big screen! Which is always a good thing. The print we showed was also from Sid Terror's personal film collection and is the first time that print has been shown theatrically in a few decades. Sid puts together a great show and there is always something special, which is why he is the best man for the job.

As for DIARY OF THE DEAD and new offerings from Romero... Well, there isn't much new is there? I mean, the original NOTLD was a groundbreaking classic and DIARY shouldn't be judged with the same yardstick. The only reason Diary was made was because Romero needed to cash in on NOTLD right? Over 40 years later Romero is proving himself to be a one trick pony with nothing new to offer. Plus I'll always hate him from now on for selling out to Universal and letting them do that horrible DAWN OF THE DEAD remake.


-MAD: Haha, I liked the DAWN remake, I thought Snyder did a pretty good job reinventing it. Besides Romero, favorite zombie films? In general, what's your favorite classification of "monster"? Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts, Oh my!

-MORT: My favorite Zombie movie of all time is still the original DAWN OF THE DEAD, but seeing how we are discounting Romero... RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD of course. I'd also have to categorize THE LAST MAN ON EARTH and INVISIBLE INVADERS (both were Romero's inspirations for NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD to begin with). I WALKED WITH A ZOMBIE.

I like pretty much all classifications of monsters actually, as long as they are well made and fairly original in their presentation. The classic Universal Frankenstein and The Wolf Man are of course favorites too.


-MAD: In terms of Science Fiction, is it the blood-brother of horror, and what do you feel about the genre in general?

-MORT: I love well made and thoughtful Science-Fiction. Like Harlan Ellison, I certainly give it its due as a genre and hate when people lessen it with the nick-name "Sci-Fi". There is a lot of cross pollenisation between the two genres and it is often hard to know where to draw the line. To appreciate one means to appreciate the other in my book.


-MAD: What's next for 'Horror Drunx'? How would you like to see your organization expand in the next few years? Any event you'd like to promote in the meantime?

-MORT: Well, we are headed into a strange new world right now. There are a LOT of things I'd "LIKE" to do, but you have to remember that this organization is a first and is still somewhat finding its identity.... So I'm not going to spill too much as far as our upcoming plans. Hopefully we will just be able to rise to any occasion that is a good fit for us. Some of the live events and the caliber of guests we have been able to attract has been really outstanding... Oscar winners, Oscar nominees, world-class directors and writers and actors. It is mind boggling sometimes for me when I realize how far we have come in such a short time. All I can say is, keep coming to Horror Drunx events... Hell, even the trailer show we had at a local theater the other night had a horror director and a Oscar nominated screenwriter attend them as guests. The world is our keg and we are getting ready to tap it... Come enjoy a round.


-MAD: Mort, there’s so much we could talk about and once again I very much appreciate our discussion today and hope that we'll be in touch as the remake of 'Hellraiser' is fast approaching! Good luck with chapter expansion & prosperity, and CHEERS! Are there any closing comments you'd like to leave the readers with today after this frantically composed postmortem?

-MORT: Come join a chapter of THE HORROR DRUNX in your area today! If there isn't one, contact me on how to start one. You can find a pretty complete list of them on ..www.thehorrordrunx.com.. and while you're at it enjoy some of our articles, take part in the message boards, etc... We do it because we love the horror genre and we're doing it for all you little goons out there.

January 29th, 2009

A message from Sid Terror...

I want to take this opportunity to give public congratulations to Werner Herzog! His film, ENCOUNTERS AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD has now been nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Documentary category!

Those of you who keep up on Horror Drunx events will recall the evening that I set up last year in September to show this film at The New Beverly Cinema, which Mr. Herzog attended and spoke at.

I have now recived a call from the producer of this film... And they have approached me to set up some more screenings very soon so that members of The Academy Of Motion-Picture Arts and Sciences can view the film for voting on the official Oscar ballot. Werner Herzog will be back to attend these screenings and talk in person. I will also be back as host and moderator. The screenings will also be able to be attended by Non Academy Members.

And yes, I've gotten the green light, these screenings will again be sponsored and supported by THE HORROR DRUNX.

Details and dates to be announced soon! Keep checking the Horror Drunx Events page at: www. myspace. com/thehorrordrunxevents

---Sid Terror

ABOVE: Werner Herzog and Sid Terror

January 3rd, 2009



November 14th, 2008

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